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Sepcial Promotion

Sofia Konst is a lifestyle photographer based in Athens, traveling all over Greece and following a pure kind of aesthetic in each of her projects ,focusing on people and place's atmosphere. Her main challenge has been to combine her passion for travelling with work and that is why the last 10 years of her life she has been visiting different islands around greece and countries all over the world and photograph people's moments such as weddings, parties and other similar happenings.

Her belief towards the art of photography has been always to reveal an honest feeling while capturing even if her subject phenomenally was not alive. That was exactly the reason why she has been also very passionate to photograph places and interiors, trying to imply the human existence and obtain the feeling of the place been or the moment's uniqueness. Her persistence on a minimalistic and anthropocentric approach helped her to reach the style she wanted for her work.

She has cooperated with hotels,brands and other teams in the commercial world of Greece using her photography skills and ideas in order to promote and reveal the beauty and honesty behind each theme depending on the field she was in. This strong combination of human's power and places dynamic still motivates her and leads her everyday to take over more photography challenges.
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